New Car!!

Isn’t it pretty?

Exciting news, folks!

We got a new car! If you’ve been shopping for a vehicle lately you know this is truly a big deal. Getting the car is even more remarkable because I laid out my requirements (thinking only of you and your friends’ comfort and safety, of course) and Martin took it as a challenge to find it. Victory!

It’s a new 2021 Ford Expedition Max Stealth Edition. The Stealth part makes me laugh a little because I think of stealth as sneaky and secret. A Ford Expedition Max is hardly sneaky and secret, but, y’all, it is nice!

I’m considering what I’m going to name the Stealth. Edna as in Edna Mode from the Incredibles is the top choice at the moment. The seats are black leather with red stitching; Edna would approve.

Got any names to throw at us? And even more – how about you come out for a ride in the yet unnamed Stealth Edition to see if she or he speaks to you? Seven (7) passengers (the driver makes eight (8)) fit comfortably so grab a friend and get on out to North Texas with Red River Rides!

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