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Explore by car or bicycle the history, wines and spirits of the North Texas Wine Country. Relax and enjoy as we safely drive or guide you through the scenic Texoma American Viticultural Area.

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New Car!!

Exciting news, folks! We got a new car! If you’ve been shopping for a vehicle lately you know this is truly a big deal. Getting the car is even more remarkable because I laid out my requirements (thinking only of you and your friends’ comfort and safety, of course) and Martin took it as aContinue reading “New Car!!”

Why Red River Rides?

HEY Y’ALL! The North Texas Wine Country is truly amazing! In the last 20 years or so, vineyards and wineries have been sprouting up in our Red River Valley as true craftsmen (and women) take their harvests from this Earth and form it into the oldest beverages known to man! Recently, Marlene wanted to visitContinue reading “Why Red River Rides?”