Why Red River Rides?


The North Texas Wine Country is truly amazing! In the last 20 years or so, vineyards and wineries have been sprouting up in our Red River Valley as true craftsmen (and women) take their harvests from this Earth and form it into the oldest beverages known to man!

Recently, Marlene wanted to visit a few wineries for her birthday with a handful of girlfriends. It was near impossible to find a local car service, and the prices we received made us gasp! We knew then it was time to explore a tour and transportation business serving locals and visitors alike in their attempt to safely enjoy the wineries, breweries and distilleries of North Texas.


Well, we hope to offer you not just a ride but an experience, and we know we’re just the two people to do that. Tell me more you say? Okay!

  • Martin is a retired, disabled veteran, who served 21 years in the U.S. Army. He is all about the logistics and the details AND more importantly keeping you safe.
  • Marlene is a former foreign service officer. She speaks Spanish and French. She grew up in Muenster, works in Denison and is a bit of a history buff.
  • Martin and Marlene have lived all over the world, experiencing the wines and cuisines in places likes France, Italy, Germany, South Africa and Ecuador. You can trust our advice regarding wine, spirits, beer, food and atmosphere.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to deliver.

Date night – Cool!
We’ll keep quiet and let the romance do the talking.

Girls day/night out – Fun!
We’ll be there to carry your purchases, keep you hydrated with water between stops and get you home safely.

Exploring wedding venues– Congratulations on the greatest partnership ever!
We have our favorites, but it’s all about you and your partner. We might just know the history of an area, though, that will make the venue your perfect fit.

Celebrations of any type-YAY!
We’ll be there to enhance the experience so that EVERYONE can enjoy themselves.

Take a break, breathe and get out of town-We hear ya!
You tell us – wanna get some exercise by cycling to a few places or just cruise around in an immaculately, clean vehicle letting the stress melt away? Your choice; we’ll make it happen.

So reach out, get in touch and let us know what type of experience you’re looking for, and you can count on us to steer you (transportation pun completely intended) in the right direction.

We truly can’t wait to meet you!

2 thoughts on “Why Red River Rides?

    1. Hi Mary Ann!

      I hope you poked around a bit and found the pricing for our experiences in the Shop page. Experience prices depend on the number of guests and destinations. We welcome customized trips and will quote a specific price on those based on distance traveled, duration of the trip and number of guests. For example Valley View, home of Firelight Vineyards and Whiskey Hollow, is holding its Wine Walk this Saturday. If you wanted to head there and just stay there that price would very likely be less because it’s a single destination visit.

      Give us a call at 571.345.8377 or send us an email at red.river.rides.tx@gmail.com or via Facebook Messenger to get pricing for a custom visit.

      Finally, apologies for the long wait for a reply. I saw your message pop up on my phone, but then went to look for it and literally could not find it. Mystery solved! I had to approve it first before I could see it and respond. Lesson learned! Apologies!

      Hope to meet you soon!


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